Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick (Bloomsbury) by Paul Dickson

Winner of the Casey Award for Best Baseball Book of 2012

 “Bill Veeck incorporates the picaresque anecdotes and populist charm of Veeck’s memoirs into a narrative marked by Mr. Dickson’s broad knowledge and fluid authority. The result is a biography that newcomers to the Veeck legend are likely to find immensely appealing, but one that also makes him new again for those who have already savored the baseball showman’s own episodic volumes.”–The Wall Street Journal

“Paul Dickson’s excellent biography is among the few great biographies set in sports. Beyond that it is the story of a singular fellow whose energy, determination, wit, and powerful commitment to fairness spiced with an unquenchable sense of the absurd enabled him to live an exceptionally full and passionate life.” ―Bill Littlefield, The Boston Globe